Why choose Studio Arts?

The Studio Arts experience is more than just music lessons. Enjoy lots of on-site parking space, a brightly-lit lobby and a friendly community of musicians and families. With a full-time office staff to assist you with any administrative needs, Studio Arts strives to be a stress-free and trouble-free environment so you can focus on what matters most—the music!

Join a Community

With over 400 students and 25 teachers, stepping into Studio Arts means stepping into something bigger than yourself. Our open lobby and quarterly performance opportunities present plenty of ways to connect with others who share the same passion for music as you do. After all, the best part about music is sharing it with others!

Diverse Programming

We offer music opportunities for all ages and all levels of experience. At Studio Arts, you can select from group programs or one-on-one instruction on a variety of instruments. In addition to our two flagship programs, Individual Instruction and Rock School (showcased below), we are also thrilled to offer group strings sessions, programs for toddlers and kindergarteners, and band experiences for families.

Fully-equipped Facility

Studio Arts recognizes that a creative space is important to the creative process. We are pleased to offer and maintain eight rehearsal rooms, each equipped with all of the tools and resources required to support musical growth. All are brightly-lit and feature windowed, exterior doors for sound reduction and visibility. Contact us today to book a tour and see our school for yourself!

musical ladder system.png

The Musical Ladder System™

Athletes and martial artists aren’t the only ones who work hard at their craft—why should they be the only ones to take home some bling to show for it? Studio Arts is thrilled to host the Musical Ladder System™: a progression of colourful bracelets, titles and certificates awarded to students for their dedication to continuous music lessons. You can even earn name-engraved trophies at higher levels! Each of the programs offered at Studio Arts follows its own series of bracelets, and bracelets available in all wrist sizes—because the adult students have earned them, too!

Musical Ladder trophies.png

Call or text 519 633 7222, send us an email at info@studioartsmusic.com, or check out our Contact page to get in touch with us and set up a tour. Your musical journey awaits!